Well, there are numerous reasons (or excuses!) to buy a post box and we at Chiltern Antiques have heard most of them.

Firstly the most obvious one is to have your mail delivered into it. It will be safe and secure - which is particularly good if you are away from home for any length of time.

If you are doing any work on your house or building an extension then that is the ideal time to have a post box built into the wall.

If you want some security in your home or office, then using a post box as a safe is a great idea as most models have Chubb high security slam shut safe locks.

If you are a collector then you've come to the right place too. We have supplied many collectors with specific models for both their garden and indoor displays.

In the last ten years our post boxes have found homes across the UK and to many other parts of the world as well.

Oh! They also make a great present for that someone who has everything.

We can advise on the best post box for your particular needs and advise on installation so please get in touch - we're always happy to talk and to help.

Phone: 01628 524889 / Mob: 07970 493413.

The post box - a brief history

The postal service as we know it started in 1840 and the first cast iron post box appeared in 1852. At that time it was up to the top man in each postal district to commission boxes from the local foundry, and, consequently, the design varied considerably in the early days.

In the 1870s-80s, a national standard was set, with a small number of manufacturers producing them across the country. The suppliers were: Ludlow, Penfold, Smith & Hawks, W.T. Allen, Handyside, Carron and Derby Castings. (Currently, Carron are the makers of the steel ones you'll see in modern installations.)

Nowadays, if you want an old one, don't delay! We only deal in the genuine old Post Office/Royal Mail models, and they're running out.

A post box collection