Original Post Office Letter Boxes

Yes, those big red things you see around the streets. They might be wall-inserts, mounted on posts or as pillar boxes standing tall on their own. They are usually made of heavy cast iron.

All our post boxes are originals - all previously owned and used by Royal Mail and, of course, the Post Office (or GPO) before the name change. Over the years, from the late 19th Century onwards, they were only made by a limited number of suppliers: Ludlow, Penfold, Smith & Hawks, W.T. Allen, Handyside, Carron and Derby Castings.

The post boxes we sell are fully restored and painted traditional pillar box red.

Mail boxes are, obviously, useful to have your mail delivered to, but they can also have other uses – the Chubb slam-shut locks are almost impossible to pick - and therefore they are ideal to use as a safe indoors. They also make wonderful garden features.

Post boxes come in a variety of models, varying in shape and size, and are generally priced between £300 and £3,000.

Whether you’re after something specialist like a 'lamp box' or a 'hovis' or 'wagon' top design, or you just want an antique mail box that will fit the space by your gate, there's usually one to fit your location and budget. Just contact us (01628 524889 / 07970 493413) to discuss your requirements and to see what we have in stock at the moment.

We deal only in old/antique models. We do not sell modern or reproduction post boxes.

We also hire out Post Boxes for weddings, engagements and special occasions. Please get in touch ((01628 524889 / 07970 493413) for more details.

A Georgian lamp box style of post box